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This is a WIP research facility junction of the third eye reflector system.

Dedicated to all the brave seamen who served themselves to the godhead vision. So we all can gain a more precise and sensible communication flow between the functions. Expanding on those
to build new bridges and down into evolution. We understand, that seeing is creating, and vice versa. Although we are all blind, we have enabled illusions as our guidelines, we know all forms
of images are not really what they present themselves to be. The art of perception is a deception at best, it's more of a translational language system between the senses in his mind.
These spawn new bases and factory colonies, blending new amazing versions of nothing, each labelled with another lie, advertising it is something impossible, and here it is.

It could be those 5 pounds my old friend owes me? Nah, I won't stretch it that far, gotta try keep things within a sensible reason. It's probably just a name tag, with the actual product missing, just like the one we got earlier. You know, sooner or later, we will start believing these lies and name tags, and actually be able to use the real product that wasn't shipped.
Ah, I see we are starting to become like the old crazy man himself. You gotta love it though, here we try to get as crazy as we possibly can, to see if it helped.
What else can we do here? Would you believe that in the heart, which many consider as Earth, they walk around thinking they are sane, and that there's nothing wrong with being sane.
They think that they are sane and have a reality that is also sane. Don't really know what that reality thing is supposedly though, maybe it's a simulator of an alternative creation reflex that broadcasts a form of a stable constant flux of madness, so seriously retardedly mindbending everything and everyone.. and best of all.. all the frikkin time so who dafuk cares!!??
Now, that could be handy. Something to drive us all nuts with instantly. I must say I am tempted.

Yea me too. But i got kids.

Oh, just remembered the time myself, need to pick up the Mars at Saturn today.
Ok, relabel it as a random different product, then shoot it down the hatch and listen for those wonderful screams of agony.
Yah, they don't know how lucky they have it.

Sea at work tommorro.
Do as you claim, if you can, if you can't then I still want my pay.
Sounds fair.

Phil Collins in Genesis would be singing "Welcome to the home by the sea".
Luckily we are not quite as mad as him yet. He seems to think he is something they call "drummer". Which is acting the part of bashing a type of box, that were made to be bashed, in order to make a kind of thudding sound that is both wonderful and delightfully sweet to experience he claims.
Ohhh those expensive reality simulation boxes we keep sending him? He bashes them to bits???
Just reading what he wrote is enough to send the nuttiest cracks down to the shatters.
Just listening to your words certainly put a few insta dents in my nutcracker. Whats going on?
Why is everything just increasingly maddening? Why isn't there a stable normality?
Are you off your wacker? How is that even possible to put together in the same sentance? You are beyond help.
I'll phone the ambulance team, tell them not to come, you are apparently far beyond any help,
Just like that Phil guy, flipped beyond the boundries of the flippable reality,
I mean come on, is that even a possible combination?
Yeah, because we decide the outcome of every experiement, being both blind and mad, we don't care what the answer is, we just make them up anyway,
often mislabeling stuff on purpose for entertainment purposes.
Gold is maddening, lucky is nutty, happy is a cracker. You just don't get it do you?
It's wonderful to see you float around in that maddening crazed daze. You look so relaxed.
The rest is just nuts i assure you.
In any case, there is nobody to stop us, nothing to stop you, and no way to stop them from doing it to all of us.
It is all us. Us in Us, Us in Us. Just you us wait, you will see us in us.
Simply maddening just to read
Why does it always seem to just nonstop express to crackers?
Earth must be a lunatic asylum somehow some lunatic mislabled.
Yah, wonder who could of done that..
Now that is one of maddest things I have not been able to hear all day.
I feel a bit better. Thanks.

From the whispering of skies on distant planets,
to the snowflakes located somewhere in my frost flake bowl,
we are the men who sea,
to help the science of communication in finest detail.
There is nothing and everything that can compare to us, so take your pick somewhere in between.
Everything still sounds a bit mad? It will take a day to brush off. And it's a day. How are you feeling now?
That was not a day!
But who cares what it was or was not? Can anyone change it? You gotta stop your stable madness.
You cannot exist in a logic shell, so you need a lunatic first.

Go forth where nobody goes, were there is a lack of communication,
do your best, or worst, it doesn't really matter, just communicate,
open your eyes, reflect, perceive, lie, transmit
the men who can sea, can sea through anything and all,
it makes no sense, and why would we need that anyway?
so the godhead will gain a deeper understanding of the world inside him.

i somehow came here again?
In the middle stream. On a cross.
I have lots of serpent for all!

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