With a combination of a familiar design, radically upgraded internal specifications and a brand new operating system, the 5s is the tock to the new apple iPhone 5s tick in Apple's phone releases, and there's a lot to like.

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Physically there's little to differentiate the cheap iPhone 5s from its predecessor. It's just as thin, just as light. It has maintained its luxury aesthetic, which sets it apart from its peers. Smooth metal edges, a slick metal backplate and polished finish stand apart from much of the plastic competition. Only HTC's One feels like it rivals the 5s in terms of physical fit and finish.

The LCD screen is identical to the unlocked iPhone 5s cheap 32gb, packing 1,136x640 pixels at 326 pixels-per-inch into a four-inch panel. Greater vibrancy exists on Samsung's Super Amoled screens, but Apple's are more natural-looking, colour-wise. Viewing angles are great enough to make videos comfortably enjoying by yourself and a person on either side of you -- no re-angling of the screen is needed.

Compared to many high-end Android phones, such as the LG G2, the Galaxy S4, HTC's one and the new Sony Xperia Z1, the iPhone 5s's screen is small. Those other devices' screens are a good inch bigger. To move to the 5s from one of those competitors will result in Apple's phone feeling small, but it still feels like a solid balance between screen size, screen quality and usability.

<strong>iOS 7</strong>

On the inside the 5s runs iOS 7, which is available for devices as old as the iPhone 4s and iPad 2, but it's the only choice for the iPhone 5s.

Aesthetically compared to iOS 6 and earlier, iOS 7 is the same but different: there are no major changes to how the homescreens that house your icons are laid out, save for the fact that folders of apps are now paginated to accommodate dozens of apps instead of just a handful. There are no widgets like Google search boxes (as seen on Android), nor any app icons that display realistically useful information (as seen on Windows Phone's live tiles). But what remains is an interface that feels familiar, logical and easy to navigate.

It's one point of criticism Apple faces quite often: why does the homescreen design never evolve like Android's? It's arguably to keep complexity at bay. As flexible as Android's homescreens can be, and as personal as it's possible to make them, it's often at the cost of imposing complexity on the user. Apple has chosen simplicity over customisability, and whether that's a good thing is down to the individual user. But we're a iPhone 5s fan.

<strong>Camera and photography</strong>

The iPhone 5s camera is a key selling point and it's not hard to literally see why. Without increasing the number of megapixels (eight) for this new model, Apple has dramatically improved image quality to the extend that it makes some photographs taken on the iPhone 5 look comparatively poor.

Here's a sample image taken at night without a flash. The subject is a pile of mushrooms growing in West London. On the cheap iPhone 5s sale the definition is visibly lower, there is a greater level of blue noise visible across the grass. On the iPhone 5s, an identical shot reveals a much greater level of definition. Grass is clearer, noise is significantly reduced and overall clarity is far better.

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